About the Tadelakt

Tadelakt is the best alternative to tiles, paints and other coverings.

The Tadelakt is a coating of lime comming from the region of Marrakech. It is unique and inimitable and it is not possible to reproduce it with other limes in the world as the geological composition of the region of Marrakech is completely unique. Also the making of this prestigious lime is burned and hand crafted like it was done over tousend years ago.

It is the stucco of all stuccos, the most exclusive and expensive as well, even if with our Super-Prices it dosen't looks like this. Tadelakt was mainly used in Turkish baths (hammams), riads, palaces, mosques, but also in Algiva and wells, and on murals with moisture problems. Today it is present in the most luxury enviroments of classic and modern homes and locals arround the world. But it must come from Marrakech or it can´t be called Tadelakt.

His technique is centuries old and suspiciously guardedsecret by the Berbers of the Sahara malems and was recoveredagain recently become fashionable for people with a distinguished style of living
The Tadelakt finish is a alive surface, constantly interacting with their environment, it is practicly water repellent and hydrophobic, antiseptic (prevents the growth of mold, fungi and bacteria), smooth, semi-gloss to high gloss witha touch similar to the skin and with a unique and unparalleled beauty. 

The Tadelakt counts as stucco plaster for her pain staking technique and its many properties.

A Tadelakt is like having a tree at home, consuming carbonAbiento constantly devolviento air.
Integrates seamlessly into rustic setting, as very modern or classic.

Tadelakt purifies the environments, absorbing carbon from theatmosphere and returns to the same negative ions, the purifiedccuales and heal the environment.

It is the perfect coating for allergy sufferers and people withrespiratory problems.
It is ideal for application on walls with moisture problems, such ascellars, basements, bathrooms vapos and others.
The Tadelakt coat is more durable and long-lived, as found in archaeological finds touch.
The Tadelakt is 100% natural without chemical addictive, its extraction and manufacturing leaves a low ecological footprint.

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