The Tadelakt, ancient nanotechnology


Why is Tadelakt consider a nanotechnology coating with high properties?

In modern science they have rediscovered the purifying properties of burned lime with a certain combination of ingredients of geological origin.

This shocking discovery is currently being introduced worldwide in industries with high levels of air and environmental pollution as a filter component of pollution thrue its carbonation.

Our company is not only the first who has made available to everyone the Tadelakt, we are also the first to offer the Tadelakt specially prepared, so that all its positive characteristics are amplified by much.

Our Tadelakt lime from Marrakech has just all mineral compounds and treatments necessary to have the filter propiedes of air pollutants return to pure air.

This makes the Tadelakt not only a beautiful surface coating, because it works like a tree
filtering air pollutants and returning clean air, but 24 hours a day, and for many years.

Then the Tadelakt coat is  not only living and beautiful, it is also active, purifying the environment, rejects water, it avoids water stains and lime marks, it is self cleaning, antiseptic and regulating environmental conditions.

It maintains also optimal and healthy ionisation for humans, interacting with humidity provides thanks to its antiseptic alkaline and healthy environment free from pathogenic properties.

In Morocco, Tadelakt is also used to keep homes cooler in summer, but also to keep them warm in winter, thanks to its extraordinary properties.

All this makes Tadelakt especially interesting for people with allergic or airway problems diseases.

Once again nature wins technology and shows us once again that nobody can take better care of us.

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