EasyTadelakt, is the quintessential self-cleaning and antiseptic continuous coating.

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Special to create natural, healthy, modern spaces with unmatched beauty.

The EasyTadelakt coatings are mainly made of natural lime produced in an artisanal and ecologically sustainable way. Lime has provided health and hygiene to humanity for millennia, being used in various fields where hygiene is required. For more than a decade, EasyTadelakt has set out to take these properties to the next level and has created a Tadelakt with all its multiplied positive properties. This is one of the causes that make EasyTadelakt unique.

Tadelakt at home. Luxury lime plaster wall coat. Arabian stucco

The result is an incredibly beautiful wall covering, ideal for all the rooms in our houses, at the same time it constantly creates a healthy climate in our rooms, constantly helping to decontaminate the environment, increasing the breathability of the building, and also decreases the amount of dust in the air. It also increases negative ions in the room, which is very beneficial for air quality, and its surface is highly alkaline where no bacteria, viruses or mold can proliferate or survive. In summary, our Tadelakt is like having a tree at home that purifies the air day and night.

In Morocco, with its extreme climates, Tadelakt is also used to keep homes cooler in summer, but also to keep them warm in winter, thanks to its extraordinary properties.

The Tadelakt also does not need chemical products for cleaning and maintenance. You also don't need corrosive products to clean lime or joints where mold can build up. We can save the purchase, handling and storage of many products harmful to our health. The Tadelakt only occasionally needs cleaning with a soft cloth, some water, and if necessary a little natural soap. While a normal bathroom, with ceramic or plastic surfaces, requires cleaning after each use. The Tadelakt does not need as much cleaning, thanks to its peculiar properties and saves a lot of time and effort.

Tadelakt bathroom, Modern and luxury wall finish.

This makes EasyTadelakt wall coverings ideal for people allergic to pollen, chemicals, formaldehyde, mold. But it is also ideal for people with respiratory diseases such as COPD, Asthma or other lung diseases.

Luxury Tadelakt finish in bedroom. EasyTadelakt,

Our homes confront us daily with some 200 toxic and carcinogenic substances that slowly weaken our immune system and can eventually lead to the appearance of an infinite variety of diseases. These toxics are in the air or are transmitted by contact, they are in the lacquers and products in our furniture, sofas, paints, plastics, and in an infinity of materials that we would not even suspect. As more and more toxic substances enter our homes, we increasingly see the need to introduce natural products and materials into our homes.

Jointless bathrooms, jointless wall coating plaster for luxury and modern wall finish.

The cost of laying this cladding and its materials does not cost more than laying medium quality tiles. But in return you receive a unique, natural, beautiful, harmonic and timeless wall covering. No more tiles with joints where mold grows, no more water stains or lime stains to clean after each shower or bath. Apart from being a totally ecological wall covering, it also needs much less maintenance and cleaning than any other normal surface.

Do not wait any longer and take advantage of the opportunity to improve the quality of your life and your home at the same time with the best materials.

Live with nature, live with EasyTadelakt!