Tadelakt vs Microcement

microcemento vs tadelakt

Tadelakt is also known as natural microcement, as many choose it as an alternative to microcement. Actually it is rather the other way around, Tadelakt has existed many years before microcement, therefore microcement is more of a chemical emulation of Tadelakt. Since then, microcement has become a fashionable, fast and low-cost solution. But is it really a smart solution for our homes?

Sure, covering your entire home with epoxy is an option, but is there an alternative?

Tadelakt vs microcement, advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of microcement:

-Fast and easy application

-It is waterproof

Disadvantages of microcement:

-Not breathable

-has a plastic look finish

-It is ideal for the proliferation of pathogens and bacteria

-Needs more cleaning and hygiene

-Can be released with minimal water or moisture infiltration

-Not suitable for damp walls

-It is not very durable in time

-Its production and recycling are not ecological

-It is flammable

-It is unhealthy for the building and for the inhabitants

-It is sensitive to heat, cold and humidity and must be mixed especially for each situation

-Does not isolate anything

-It's chemical

Advantages of the Tadelakt:

-Relatively fast application

-It is breathable

-It is water repellent

-The finish is harmonious, natural looking and luxurious

-It is antiseptic, bactericidal

-Needs very little cleaning

-It is breathable

-It is applicable on damp walls

-Does not react with water leaks

-It is very durable in time

-The production and recycling are ecological and do not pollute the environment

-It is fire resistant

-It is healthy for the building and its inhabitants

-It is insensitive to humidity, cold or heat

-It is insulating

-It's natural

In Morocco, with its extreme climates, Tadelakt is also used to keep homes cooler in summer, but also to keep them warm in winter, thanks to its extraordinary properties.

Disadvantages of the Tadelakt:

-Oil stains can penetrate if not removed in time

-The application is a little more laborious than that of microcement

-After being applied, the Tadelakt continues to harden gradually over weeks and months until it reaches its maximum hardness. Shower trays and sinks should wait about 2 weeks before using them.

So in the long run, the Tadelakt only offers advantages and your investment pays off right away. Your home increases in value and your life gains in quality. Living with nature and integrating it more and more into our homes is the way of the future, we not only do good to ourselves, but also to the environment.

Do not wait any longer and take advantage of the opportunity to improve the quality of your life and your home at the same time with the best materials.

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