Congratulations on your good taste and common sense in taking an interest in organic products.

It has never been so urgent to gain awareness about industrial pollution and get away from our artificial way of life and return to coexist with nature. Ecological materials are not only healthier for us and our homes but they also produce less ecological footprint.

Tadelakt application:

The Tadelakt is applied in several layers on a correctly prepared base previously.

It is applied relatively quickly and easily and is compacted with a special stone from Morocco.

Then it is waterproofed with a natural black olive soap also from Morocco since its properties are unique for this purpose.

Generally, a natural wax is also applied to finish the surface.

The end result will be a unique luxury surface of the highest quality, ecological and lively, washable and extremely durable.

You will receive very detailed instructions for use by e-mail when you receive your order.

The instructions are explained in simple steps and with pictures.

No course is needed. If you follow our instructions, the application is simpler than you think.

Anyone can apply Tadelakt perfectly, without problems and without the need for an expert.