Venetian stucco application

This product can be applied practically on any surface, choosing the correct grip base on our website.

Instructions: The stucco comes with a layer of water. Mix the product with water, mechanically good. Moisten the previously well-prepared and dust-free surface with clean water and a sponge. It is always advisable to perform before small tests to obtaining practice with the technique. There are many ways to apply a stucco, this is just one tecnique, easy to learn.

Processing Proposal: The Apply wet in wet. Apply the first layer to the desired color on the damp ground. After about 15 min. You wear more were in small quantities with a different color on to the desired effect. Smooth out during the dry with the trowel and a little pressure in all directions after. When the surface is completely dry, apply a wax.

Important: Keep the product away from children. Prevent contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. Upon contact with the eyes under running water good rinse and seek medical attention.

Ingredients: Natural lime.