How to calculate my Tadelakt project

First we must know the m2 of surfaces to be covered.
Then we must pay attention to the finish of the surface we have, if it is suitable to apply the Tadelakt directly on it or if we need one of the grip bases or perhaps two.

In any case, it is always advisable to combine Tadelakt with the “Base” grip base if increased and complete functionality of the unique properties of EasyTadelakt Tadelakt is desired. If you are only looking for the beautiful, breathable, self-cleaning and waterproof finish, you can do without the "Base" and apply the Tadelakt directly on the "Universal Base" or the base that you have prepared, as long as it is sufficiently porous and absorbent.

In short, how to calculate the cost or price per m2 of your Tadelakt project? It is very simple.

The much easier way to know the costs of your project is to register on our website with your shipping address and fill in the shopping cart. The final sum indicated is divided between all the m2 and we can get a fairly approximate idea of the costs.

In the case of the "Tadelakt Basico", the price of which is about € 69,99. and covers an area of ​​approximately 5 to 7m2, in prevention we calculate with about 6m2. We divide the € 69,99. Between 6 and we get a cost of about € 11.66. Per m2.

So we can calculate the following:

The price per m2 of the Tadelakt Basico is around € 11.66.
The price per m2 of the Tadelakt Supreme is about € 20.74.

Depending on the grip base we need, we also have to add this cost. In the bases it is not necessary to remove 1 m2 from the calculation.

The price per m2 of the grip base "Base" is about € 7.56.
And the price per m2 of the "Base Universal" grip base comes out to about € 3.52.

Keep in mind that these costs can go down even more if you take advantage of our offers and quantity discounts. The prices and calculations shown here are based on the cost of purchasing loose bags.

This means that with EasyTadelakt it is possible for you to make your luxury and unique quality Tadelakt project with for example "Base" and "Tadelakt Supreme" for only € 28.30 per m2.

To all this, there are some tool costs that must be added to the total m2 to be covered, as I detail in the example below:

A small polishing stone € 18,15.
A large polishing stone € 34,25.
A wooden float € 15.
A plastic trowel with a tip € 12.
A straightening plastic € 10.
A soap of for example 250ml. € 8.47.
And a protection wax such as the "Special wax" € 25.

We get about € 122,87.

To this we also add the shipping costs, which are also added to the total of the m2 to be covered.

So easy is it to get the cost per m2 of your tadelakt project.

We now know the total costs of our Tadelakt project.

If we apply the Tadelakt ourselves, we save € 150. at € 500. per square meter and maybe much more. You can also apply it with the help of friends and save large sums of money. With EasyTadelakt you no longer need specialists by following our simple instructions. Our products have already been prepared by a specialist and are ready to be applied without costly courses, setbacks or surprises.

Our mission is to bring nature closer to the homes of all people, and not just to the homes of a few rich people.