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sello de primera calidad

Our Quality

EasyTadelakt is synonymous for quality and origin.

We made accessible the real Tadelakt to the world...


We are proud to have been and continue to be the first and only online marketplace for the authentic Tadelakt worldwide.
Before us Tadelakt was largely a mystery. To buy the authentic Tadelakt and materials was practically impossible.
We have served as inspiration to thousands of people in many countries. Now we see our texts and knowledge, previously exclusive, copied or reproduced in almost all websites about Tadelakt in all countries.

Our Tadelakt is specially formulated to meet the tastes and demands of the European market. It can be applied more easily than its imitations and it is also much cheaper. Thanks to the ease of our products, thousands of people have been able to realize their dreams in Tadelakt without any previous experience.

 Also we are proud to be the suppliers of authentic materials, for most stores tadelakt and almost all courses have been conducted around the world.

Our quality:

The quality and price of our Tadelakt is invincible worldwide even with the shipping costs. Our Tadelakt Basico as well the extra quality Tadelakt´s are all from the region of Marrakesh and produced specialy by us and  for us in Morocco under our hight quality requirements.

The composition and formulation of our tadelakt is completely unique and exclusive, no one else in the market can offer the same quality, nor our value for money. More than 20 years of satisfied customers and our international success are the best guarantee to affirm the quality of our products.

E.g. Others offer mixtures of national limes with marble dust or/and sand to try to simulate something similar to Tadelakt, the value of such quality does not even reach €10. for 25Kg.

Others offer directly imported Moroccan lime and call it Tadelakt, or offer the tourist quality Tadelakt. The result is that a course is needed to apply it and the final finish is quite alternative and leaves much to be desired.

We only add top quality ingredients to our Tadelakts, for example, one of the ingredients we add costs €50. for every kg. and other ingredients that cost €25. for every kg. these ingredients cannot even be purchased in Europe and are very scarce and expensive. For this reason, even our "Tadelakt Marrakech Basico", the cheapest Tadelakt that we offer for sale, surpasses in quality any other Tadelakt that you can find today since it is designed for a luxury clientele and not only for an alternative sector.

We have put it in a in eurpoe accepted white seales bag and made the import in bigger quantities for you, so you avoid bigger problem´s in the buy and very height shipping expenses, because now we have it here in Europe for you with every thing you need. You can´t find no where a Tadelakt with our quality if it is not from us.

We are taking 2 Tadelaks in our export: the Tadelakt  Basico, with middle-big grain and the Supreme with fine grain. Booth are ready to apply and standarized by us and prepared by the traditional way to warrant the maximal quality, logevity and resistance. 

The Tadelakt Basico is medium coarse grained, its application is very simple and safe. Its thickness as a final layer is about 5mm. without counting the grip base.
The Supreme Tadelakt is very thin, its thickness is about 2mm, this makes it suitable for very fine work or where there is not much space to apply thick layers. Its finish is of a superior fineness. Its application is also faster and easier, helping to save time and effort.

Now you can reject the expensive european tadelakt imitation´s and simly enjoy the real Tadelakt.

Our Tadelakts are specialy controlled to meet the european requirements. This is specially good for profesional in Tadelakt, who has to give a warranty to his clients.

About our complementary products:

Our Italian stucco´s are made with special selected european and aged limes and prepared by europeans first class lime experts by the traditional way and formula. For our lime paint´s we use a controled old lime to achive the best quality to.

Our pigments are best quality pigments from Arabic and other countries and specially selected for lime works to obtain best results.

All our products are always fresh, it is rare that a product is stored by us for longer than one month, to warranty a freshness.

The production of all our products is completely traditional and not industrial.

We just do the detail sell, we sell directly to the end user, to avoid excessive end-prices. So you buy directly, avoiding to pay for commercial commissions, middle sellers or for expensive distributing systems. This is one of our way to maintain the lowest prices for our client´s. We only offer discount´s for bigger amounts exposed on this web site.

Also we save all unnecessary expenses on our product presentation for the benefit of our clients, to maintain more realistic prices. We don´t save expenses in our quality and spending a fortune on expensive adversities, marketing systems and distributors, on the contrary, we save all commercial expenses and so we can serve you directly the best quality at the best price. We are in favor wit a new and fairer trade.

The products of Easy Tadelakt are all 100% natural and pure, because only the best is just fairly good for our clients.