Tadelakt vs wall paints

Painting a wall is a great solution to color a wall quickly and inexpensively. Immediately the whole aspect of the walls or rooms changes. But after a few years, the walls will have to be repainted, since paints tend to lose their color and intensity over time and also accumulate dirt particles from the environment. This without taking into account that many paints are not breathable, and if they are, they are much more expensive. As they are not breathable, they are more harmful to the walls and do not provide any benefit to the health of the people who live between painted walls. If we want to paint with a healthier or more breathable paint, we already have to pay double or triple that of a normal paint.

So that living in a more natural and healthy way does not continue to be too great an impact on your pocket, we offer 2 solutions.

We offer an ecological breathable paint for interiors and exteriors practically at factory prices.

Another solution, rather definitive, is our ecological coating EasyTadelakt, which is a type of stucco from Morocco already prepared to be applied. This stucco is a work of art, from its production, its application and its finish.

Tadelakt does not lose its colors or darken with age. Walls with EasyTadelakt are renewed with a simple wash with a damp cloth every few years. Therefore, in the long run, it is more profitable to apply tadelakt from the beginning.

Another of the many advantages of Tadelakt is that it combines perfectly with all styles and materials. In addition, its surface is not boring at all, when touching its surface it is very silky and it seems almost soft like skin, but the touch can be deceiving, because Tadelakt is hard as a stone. EasyTadelakt is a coating for life, ecological and healthy, both for the walls and for the humans who live between them. The Tadelakt also fights the proliferation of mold, bad odors and other pathogens. In addition, it is a product with a very low ecological footprint, there is no pollution to the environment, neither when manufacturing it, nor when applying it or recycling it. By using natural products in our homes, we not only do good to ourselves, but also to the planet.

On our website you can find much more interesting information about our Tadelakt and its advantages and properties.