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Easy Tadelakt Supreme
  • Easy Tadelakt Top decoracion, arabian, oriental, marrocan decoration,
  • Easy Tadelakt Supreme
  • Easy Tadelakt Supreme, Tadelakt, bathroom, shower, wall,
  • Easy Tadelakt Supreme
  • Easy Tadelakt Supreme, Tadelakt, modern bathroom,
  • Easy Tadelakt Supreme
  • Tadelakt Supreme, sleepingroom
  • Easy Tadelakt Supreme
  • Tadelakt Supreme
  • Tadelakt Supreme
  • Tadelakt Supreme bathroom
  • Tadelakt Supreme sink

2x Tadelakt Supreme 25Kg.

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2x 25Kg.Tadelakt Supreme. Price discount per bag up from 2 bags. Tadelakt Supreme is a superior 4 star Tadelakt. 

The perfect substitute for tails and tailing.

1 bag of 25Kg. of Supreme covers 6 to 8m2 depending on the thickness applied, the ideal thickness is minimum of 3 mm.


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2.

2x 25Kg.Tadelakt supreme.  La creme de la creme for just 240€.- 139,15€.-

Offer valid up from the minimum purchase of 2 bags.

P5190311.JPG P3250315.JPG pigmentos.jpg

Luxury Tadelakt  The natural beauty 


EasyTadelakt, the self-cleaning and antiseptic continuous coating. Create natural, healthy spaces with unmatched beauty.

25Kg. of Supreme serves for 6 to 8m2 depending on thickness and ground contitions.

Tadelakt Supreme. This Tadelakt is the finest superior quality Tadelakt ever, the creame of the creame. It is extreme hard, it has no big grains inside, and is so easyer to apply for newbees without the need of a course. The gloss and depth luminosity of the colors are extraordinary and 100% natural.

A good Tadelakt is the best substitute for tiles. Their surfaces always look new, they are self-cleaning, without stains of lime or water and without joints with mold.
With our offers it is more profitable and economical to apply Tadelakt than to apply medium / high class tiles.
Read more about the advantages of Tadelakt in the bathroom.

Our Tadelakt is specially formulated to meet the tastes and demands of the European market. It can be applied more easily than its imitations and it is also much cheaper. Thanks to the ease of our products, thousands of people have been able to realize their dreams in Tadelakt without any previous experience.

It is ideal for all kinds of surfaces, pillars, floors barefoot areas, Showers, walls and other surfaces for inside and outside. Nobody can pass by this Tadelakt without touching it.

The product comes in a sealed plastic bag handy for storing, not cardboard bag. Color: Bone White, ready to add the desired pigments and apply.

We always recommend to apply any Tadelakt on a correct ground base witch you can find also in our shop.

After receiving your order , you can ask by e-mail for instructions for free.

Downer, in the description of the accessories, you will find a suggestion of the necessary tools for a Tadelakt.

To read about the differences between Tadelakt Basico and Supreme, click here.

It is necessary to choose the correct grip base, for this simply visit our grip base section and choose the product that best suits your needs.

More important information´s about this fantastic product:

Technical data.

Learn more about the properties of the Tadelakt

Read about our quality

Tadelakt and Nanotechnology

See a Demostration video on YouTube of the Tadelakt Supreme from Easy Tadelakt on the following link http://youtu.be/FM0f5LorRWg

Do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Please remember that rejecting expensive imitation´s, you will save a over thousand year´s old traditional and ecological production from the eminent extinction. 

ecologic product

2x T.S. 25kg.
New product

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