Tadelakt in bathrooms


The Tadelakt can be the best option for bathrooms, if you are looking for a unique, distinguished and luxurious finish.

In addition, according to the quality of the Tadelakt and its application, the Tadelakt offers very durable surfaces and completely self-cleaning, as is the case with our Tadelakt.

Any type of tile finishes in the bathrooms can be very modern today, but in a few years, these finishes, are no longer current and are old, since every year they take out new features leaving old trends of previous years. Tadelakt against is totally timeless, the unique and luxurious finish you get today, will also be the same in 20 years and no one can see if this bathroom was made in the 80s, 90s or 2000. It will always look like something unique and fascinating.

Although at first sight it seems somewhat expensive, it is not, in fact, calculating the cost per M2 of a middle class tiles plus the cost of the placement, it turns out that with our offers, it is even more profitable to cover your bathroom with Tadelakt .

Here we present a few examples of how your bathrooms could be with EasyTadelakt.

All the photos displayed on our website are real projects made by our clients or by ourselves and are in full use. No photo is taken from the internet, from other websites or exhibitions. That is why the lighting and quality of the images are not the most optimal.

Luxurious timeless bathrooms.

Tadelakt bathroom in gray and beige.

Tadelakt bathroom in beig and pink.

Tadelakt in the children's bathroom. Always clean.

Washbasin integrated in Tadelakt.

Gray tadelakt with bathtub.

Tadelakt with integrated bathtub.

Tadelakt with a small bathtub.