News about Easy Tadelakt - New!


07/09/202- Anti-crisis discount. Only this month of September we help with a 10% Discount, from € 1,100 of purchase, so you can make your dreams come true in Tadelakt without excuses. We also give another discount of € 40., From € 500 of product purchase.

08/31/2020- from today all prices are shown including VAT on our entire website.

10/08/2020- For this month of August, we have launched a price reduction of up to € 50, on some products with Supreme. This summer you can cover your walls with luxury, cheaper than ever. Offers end on August 25, 2020.

30/03/2020- Imoirtant notice COVID-19. Dear customers, We inform you that in the current situation of the COVID-19 health crisis, our company and all its activities continue with their activity and are fully operational.

30/12/2019- Our team wishes you a happy new year.

19/11/2019- Special discounts! We offer 2 types of discounts from 11/19/2019 until 12/15/2019. 5% discount for purchases from € 50 .- up to € 100 .-. CODE: EASY5%
And a 10% discount on purchases from € 100 .- onwards. CODE: EASY10%
Take advantage of these fantastic offers, only at
You must only enter one of these codes when making a purchase, in order to obtain the discount.

22/05/2019- Take advantage of our special discounts, on some products and kits, until the end of the month.

11/12/2018- We have greatly improved the formula of our special wax. Now you can apply the wax and remove much easier without polishing. We have also greatly improved the brightness and protection.
We also want to take advantage of the occasion to thank our clients for their loyalty and wish them happy holidays.

20/02/2018- Our website has been out of service several times for a few moments for maintenance. This has not affected orders or caused delays in shipments. Thanks for your understanding.

08/08/2017- Today our website was out of order for all day because of maintenance work. Please forgive the inconvenience.

27/07/2017 - Our special price offers in ecological wall paints will finish at the end of this month.

10/07/2017 - In the third week of July, we temporarily closed for maintenance for a few days. Sorry for the inconvenience.

21/03/2017 - The stocks of "medium" and "large" stones have been temporarily exhausted. We will replace these stones with others of the same or greater value.

03/11/2017 - Fate has given us a great opportunity to contribute our grain of Tadelakt to help lift children out of slavery in Senegal.

Tadelakt for the children and for a better tomorrow. Hous for Talibés Foundation senegal in colaboration with EasyTadelakt  The foundation "House for Talibés Foundation" may also need help from you. If you also want to help you can contribute your donations here.

09/09/2016 - New, we have started to give away promo codes on our facebook. Become a friend on Facebook to be informed when we give discounts.

27/08/2016 - On August 31, the offer ends all wood floats for 15 €.

03/06/2016 - Our promotion of the Venetian stucco 20kg. for 50 € .- has expired. Slowly we will increase the price over the year. Currently the offer is still below 50% of the price. Take the profit of this offer.

12/04/2016 - Thanks to the good acceptation of our wooden tools we can reduce the prices drastically. From now on, we have all wooden tools for the same price at up to 60% reduced.

12/04/2016 - Our Special Wax has now a new formula and is now even easier to apply. We also present this product in a new and better containter.

27/02/2016 - Dear customers. In these days we are doing renovation work on our website. We are making improvements in all aspects in order to provide more and better information for our customers. This does not affect your purchases. All website will continue to function normally. We work tirelessly to make your projects more easier, more beautiful and ecological.

29/01/2016 - New! "SHOW YOUR ART". We have finally made the leap to social networks. From now you can follow us on  FacebookIf you send us pictures of your work done with our products, we will post them on  our  Facebook anonymously indicating only the land where the project has been carried out.

23/07/2015 - We have even top the Mini Kit for the same price

07/09/2015 - Our website was out of service for 2 hours because of a hacker attack on our server.

11/05/2015 - We have top the offer of our bath renovating kit.

22/04/2014 - We´ve got now new containers for our waxes and the Tadelakt soap

24/03/2014 - From up today we offer also Tadelakt and the bases in doubble packs.

22/03/2014 - We have extended the bath renovation kit wit a bag of Base universal.

14/09/2013 - Also at the request of our customers we have extended and improved our tools offer. We thank our loyal customers for their active assistance.

20/08/2013 - At the request of our customers we have extended and improved our range of  pigments.

27/07/2013 - Now we have new formats in our Kits and Packs.

12/03/2013 - Our "special wax" comes now in a new container with more quality.

08/01/2013 - From up today we offer now a special and new polish wax with microcrystals for  hard use for inside and outdoor and all surfaces.

27/06/2012 - We are proud watching and seeing how more and more prestigious and  international artists and restorers trust in our products and integrate them more and more into  his work in famous buildings, artistic murals, churches, palaces and public artistic works. Our  especially surprising is the versatility that they bring to our products creating new techniques  and finishes never seen before. This is for us the best reward for our efforts and work and  inspires us to give even more.

01/06/2012 - We upload two short videos demos abaut the Easy Tadelakt base universal and the  Tadelakt Supreme.

28/05/2012 - Up from today we don´t sell any more the special Tadelakt´s form Marrakesh like  the Hot, Floor and Hammam. We have move them to the category Pro, witch is only for  profesional Tadelakt experts.

25/05/2012 - Today we´ve recive a new shippment of the finest Tadelakt from Marrakesh. Our  stock is fuel again with the freshest first quality material for you.

24/05/2012 - Today we have upload a new video demostration about our ecologic venetian  stucco to make you the decoration even more easyer.

20/05/2012 - From today we don´t offer no more video instruction´s and and the instructions for  the Tadelakt tecnique for free. Now it will be only able for client´s.

15/05/2012 - Up today we´ve got a new line for our natural pigment´s without touching the  selling price for our clients.

01/05/2012 - Our Tadelakt product´s has get a new design and will now come in bags with a  traditional marrocan look and will not be longer served in cubes.

19/04/2012 - Our webpage Easy Tadelakt was not online durin 23 hours because a tecnical  problem of our server. In this time our website was not aviable.