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Venetian stucco Full pack
  • Venetian stucco
  • Venetian stucco Full pack
  • Venetian stucco
  • Venetian stucco
  • Venetian stucco
  • Venetian stucco lime plaster pack
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Venetian stucco Full pack

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Venetian stucco Grassello 5kg. Full pack with tools.

This pack contains


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Venetian stucco Grassello 5kg. Profesional. 


1x Smoothing plastic

1x 250ml. Special wax

1x Plastic trowel with tip


Traditional Venetian stucco, mineral and natural decorative wall coating for interior-exterior, based on a selectet lime plaster and marble powders. Ready to be applied. Its application is much faster and easier than that of a chemical stucco and its resistance and hardness is much greater.

Ideal to simulate fantastic marbling effects of great beauty. It is odorless and non-toxic, it does not contain any kind of chemicals. This ecologic product is harder and stronger than their chemical versionen and its beauty and color depth are unparalleled.
For smooth and shiny or matte finishes. All colors are possible by adding pigments extensive choice of pigments.

Applications: For Bio-construction, for the restoration of old buildings, for artists, churches, to create luxury environments to create environments classic, to create very modern environments, imitation marble, to create multiple effects of stone, for areas with moisture problems and mold or mildew, to create surfaces without joints. Everything depends on the finish you want to give.

In our homes, we usually live with more than 200 substances harmful to our health. 70% of allergies are acquired at home. With this product, you will not only save money, but also gain at the same time in quality of life and a healthy home. So, you not only invest in the value of your home but also in your health.

- Very strong and long-lived
- Breathable
- Repels water
- Bactericide and fungicide
- More vivid colors
- Realistic simulations and more finishes
- Suitable for 3D effects
- Tools washable with water
- Antialergic
- Suitable for wet environments
- 100% natural

 ecologic product

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Venetian stucco Full pack

Venetian stucco Grassello 5kg. Full pack with tools.

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