Easy Tadelakt Universal Base 20Kg.


The perfect extreem grip even on tiles and all smooth surfaces without pores. 

Mix with mixer add preferably 5.5 to 6.5 liters of clear water depending on the desired texture, the product must be used in the day.


1. Apply a millimetric layer on the dry surface and free of dust and grease. It covers approximately 10-20m2.


If if it´s necesary, you can put a fine Nylon-net in it, in this case, you want to need some more product. Embed the net in the applied product, whether to add another coat to cover the net completely.


2.You should create a rough surface with the help of a paint roller.  The drying time is about 8/24 hours depending on the humidity and thickness of the coat.


4. Once dry, remove by scraping with a spatula tip protruding too, to get a surface like on the photo nr.3. Remove debris and dust. 


5. Thoroughly wet the foundation before proceeding to apply any product of EasyTadelakt.

6. Now you can beginn to cover the base with the next product.



 1.Base universal sobre azulejos de EasyTadelakt 2. Base universal de EasyTadelakt tratada con rodillo 3. Textura de la base universal de Easy Tadelakt

 4.Base universal seca para raspar las puntas 5. Humedeciendo la Base universal de EasyTadelakt 6. Aplicar el Tadelakt sobre la Base universal de EasyTadelakt

Attention: This product is corrosive to skin, eyes and mucous membranes if irritation seek medical attention. In case of irritation, clear under running water and visit ugently a doctor.

Ingredients, various polymers, selected and recycled aggregates.

Keep out of reach of children.