Natural soil instructions.

The application surface of the product must be porous, rough and absorbent, if not, choose the base grip that best suits your needs on our website.

Mix the product with machine very well with 5 to 7L. of water, adding already the color pigments in such case.

Apply a layer of 5mm to maximum 10mm on the base to be gripped or on a porous floor, clean of dust and pré moistened. It is applied with a normal construction trowel, without smoothing the surface.
At 10 to 30 minutes, the surface is swirled with the wooden trowel and another layer of about 5mm thick is applied with a smooth stucco trowel, leaving the desired smoothing and drawing.

To smooth, move the stuccoer in all directions, exerting more and more pressure.

If the room is large, start applying from the corners of the room to the center and then to the exit.

With the help of a water sprayer, you can avoid accelerated drying if necessary and continue smoothing with the stuccoer and / or a plastic trowel going in all directions.

At 30 minutes approx. You can already climb on the floor carefully, on a blanket, for example, and continue smoothing with the plastic trowel if necessary.

After 3 to 5 days, or when it has completely dried, depending on the weather conditions, an ecological wood varnish or the special high-breathable EasyTadelakt wax is applied.
The wax will have dried in about 30 minutes, then apply a second coat to make sure you have covered everything well. It acts in the same way in case of using a varnish.

Then you can polish it if you wish with a soft cloth and that's it. Your natural floor is ready to use. Indoor and outdoor use.

Strikes with metal and stones under the shoe soles can damage the surface. Ingredients: Natural limes and sands. In case of contact with mucous membranes or skin, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Do not ingest the product and keep out of reach of children.