How to maintain the Tadelakt

Tadelakt is the best alternative for tiles, microcement and paints since it does not generate water stains or lime stains on its surface. In addition, the Tadelakt has no ceramic or plastic gaskets or surfaces on which germs, bacteria or other pathogens can proliferate.

EasyTadelakt requires very little cleaning and maintenance care.

-If you have covered the walls of your house with EasyTadelakt, it requires practically no type of care. If desired, you can simply clean the surfaces with a damp cloth every few years.

-In the bathroom, shower or other wet areas, we will also save a lot of cleaning work since on EasyTadelakt no lime or water stains are formed. A superficial cleaning with a damp microfiber cloth is sufficient, if necessary you can also moisten the cloth with a solution of water with black soap for a better cleaning.

Do not attempt this with other brand tadelakts as they generally do not hold up to microfiber cloths and can be severely damaged.

On horizontal surfaces with a lot of use, such as shelves, shower trays, bathtubs and sinks in the bathroom, the surface can be cleaned weekly or even daily if desired or needed.

Cleaning floors is also much more comfortable than with most types of floors. Generally, a weekly cleaning with water or a solution of water with black soap is sufficient. The floor will be clean and shiny.

What to avoid:

Tadelakt has its pros and cons, just like any stone, marble or polished concrete floor ect.

The Tadelakt is sensitive to oil stains, acids and strong impacts from stones or metal. If oils or acids are spilled, they must be removed immediately so that they do not have time to penetrate the Tadelakt and stain or even damage it.

EasyTadelakt is also fire resistant. We have been able to verify that after a fire in a house or business, the surfaces with EasyTadelakt are simply cleaned with a damp cloth, while the walls with painted or other types of coating represent a great work and effort for rehabilitation to remove soot to be able to coat them again.

The list of advantages to integrate ecological products in your home is very long. Stand out from the rest and build with intelligence and foresight for your health and that of the environment. You not only save money with EasyTadelakt, but you also gain in the quality and health of your home.