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Tadelakt Marrakech basico 25Kg.
  • Tadelakt Marrakech basico 25Kg.
  • Tadelakt Basico in bathroom, two colors
  • Tadelakt Basico from EasyTadelakt, online seller of authentic Tadelakt. Sink in Tadelakt
  • Tadelakt fountain madewith EasyTadelakt Basico and pigments
  • Tadelakt de Marakech standard
  • Easy Tadelakt Basico
  • Decorative wall paints, atrtistic wallcovering
  • Beton cire clay or Tadelakt from Marakech check it out
  • Tadelakt Basico
  • Tadelakt Basico, tadelakt sink,
  • Tadelakt Basico
  • Tadelakt Basico from EasyTadelakt, bathroom in Tadelakt from morocco
  • EasyTadelakt Basico rustic & modern
  • Easy Tadelakt Basico exclusive outdoor fountain
  • Easy Tadelakt Basico, outside, wall, terrace,
  • Easy Tadelakt Basico, outdoor, terrace, rustic, outside, wall,

Tadelakt Basico Marrakesh 25Kg.

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Tadelakt Basico, 25kg. Original Tadelakt for professionals in offer! 

The best substitute for tails and paints.

1 bag is for 5 to 7m2 depending on the thickness applied, the ideal thickness is 3 to 5mm.


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Tadelakt Basico Marrakesh 25Kg.

Tadelakt Basico Marrakesh 25Kg.

Tadelakt Basico, 25kg. Original Tadelakt for professionals in offer! 

The best substitute for tails and paints.

1 bag is for 5 to 7m2 depending on the thickness applied, the ideal thickness is 3 to 5mm.


Tadelakt Marrakesh Basico 25kg. For just 175€69,99€,-  Moroccan Tadelakt.

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Luxury Tadelakt  The natural beauty 

Marrakesh Tadelakt counts as the noblest stucco of all stuccoes. It is the most luxurious finish that exists, far above any tile or other finish. It is also 100% ecological. This is not just any Tadelakt, but luxury Tadelakt. The Tadelakt Marrakesh Basico is an artistic creation of unique and superior quality exclusively available at EasyTadelakt. You can't buy better. More than 20 years of satisfied customers endorse this product.

1x Bag of 25Kg. of original Tadelakt from Morocco with a hight unique quality, prepared by us and readdy to be applied.

The product comes in a sealed plastic bag handy for the best and freshest storing, not cardboard bag.

Color: Neutral bone white (middle gray), ready to add the desired pigments and apply.

By receiving your order , you become your instrucion's by e-mail for for free.

1 bag is for 5 to 7m2 depending on the thickness applied, the ideal thickness is 3 to 5mm.

Shipping in 3 to 15 days.

For these difficult times, our products are now the best solution and also the most affordable.

In Morocco, Tadelakt is used to keep homes cooler in summer, but also to keep them warm in winter, thanks to its extraordinary properties.

EasyTadelakt is the best substitute for tiles. Their surfaces always look new.

EasyTadelakt, the ecologic, self-cleaning and antiseptic continuous wall coating.

Create natural, healthy spaces with unmatched beauty.

w, they are self-cleaning, without stains of lime or water and without joints with mold.
With our offers it is more profitable and economical to apply Tadelakt than to apply tiles.

EasyTadelakt is a luxurious, highly decorative ecological coating for all the rooms in our house, even for bathrooms and showers. Its surfaces are not only highly decorative, but also ultra resistant and beneficial for the environment of our rooms. It integrates perfectly with any type of environment, be it modern, classic or rustic. Its application is very simple and even faster than the application of tiles or the majority of modern synthetic stucco or decorative paints.

Our Tadelakt is specially formulated to meet the tastes and demands of the European market. It can be applied more easily than its imitations and it is also much cheaper. Thanks to the ease of our products, thousands of people have been able to realize their dreams in Tadelakt without any previous experience.

Never was the Tadelakt so Easy.

Our Tadelakt's are prepared with Marrakesh lime with a controlled grain thickness and it is carefuly prepared to be harder and much easyer to apply then never without surprises or the need of a course.

We provide you also detailed istructions, easy to understand.

Our Tadelakt's are 100% natural without any chemical or alergic ingredients, specialy prepared for the european profesionals but it is also the best solution for newbees.

This Tadelakt has a excellent grip on al mineral ground or on his specific base for every need, witch you can find also on our web site.

His consistence is a controlled low grained powder and it is extremely hard and able to be apply on every surface like in showers, bath, walls, floors in barefoot areas and other surfaces, like in the upper photos.

For indoor and outdoor use.

Now you can reject the european expensive imitations and enjoy the real lux of the original Tadelakt. You will winn in the unique healthful properties of a real Tadelakt, on the working time, on the hardness without cracks or surpises, in lifetime of the Tadelakt and the authentic beauty.

Every of our Tadelakt products is a piece of Marrakesh.

Down, in the description of the accessories above, you will find a suggestion of the necessary tools for a Tadelakt.

To read about the differences between Tadelakt Basico and Supreme, click here.

It is necessary to choose the correct grip base, for this simply visit our grip base section and choose the product that best suits your needs.

In our homes, we usually live with more than 200 substances harmful to our health. 70% of allergies are acquired at home. With this product, you will not only save money, but also gain at the same time in quality of life and a healthy home. So, you not only invest in the value of your home but also in your health.

More important information´s about this fantastic product:

Product instructions

Technical data. 

Learn more about the properties of the Tadelakt

Read about our quality

Tadelakt and Nanotechnology

Do not forget to visit our YouTube channel and subscribe.

Please remember that rejecting expensive imitation´s, will help to save a over thousand year´s old traditional and ecological production from the eminent extinction.

ecologic product

T.B. 25kg.
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David H

Très bien.

Pour moi c'est mon tadelakt préféré, c'est la quatrième fois que j'achète ici, tout est toujours très bon. Fortement recommandé si vous recherchez la qualité.

Brian H

Alles Super !

Besser gehts nicht!! Bin sehr zufrieden.

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Erica B

Simply the best of all!

This tadelakt is much better than expected. A few years ago I spent a lot of money on a course in Marrakech and I just wasted my time. The tadelakt they have sold me was a nightmare to apply. It was all a complication, just to get a lousy finish. The quality of this ET tadelakt is just what I was always looking for but never found until I found easy tadelakt. I dare say that it is the best quality of tadelakt that I have ever seen and I am very happy with the results. I can only recommend Easy Tadelakt, everything is fast, original and of exquisite quality. Thanks for everything, I will buy here again.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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