suelo aislante, suelo natural, suelos de Easy Tadelakt
  • suelo aislante, suelo natural, suelos de Easy Tadelakt
  • Natural isolating floor coating 25Kg.
  • Natural isolating floor coating, natural beton cire, like polished concrete,
  • Natural isolating floor coating 25Kg. White
  • Natural isolating floor coating 25Kg. White, like natural béton ciré or pilished concrete

Natural floor coating 25Kg.

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Natural decor floor plaster. 25Kg. For 6 to 7m2.

Continuous floor. Continuous flooring without joints.


Natural floor.

Natural flooring plaster 25Kg. For 6 to 7m2. 

All colors are possible by adding pigments. 

Put it, smooth it, wax it and finish.

With the primer "universal base" you can also apply this natural floor directly on tiles.

No more cold floors, no more wet floors, no more loss of energy, no more and no more boring soil together. 

With this fantastic natural decorative flooring coating, you will gain in comfort, energy saving, fast, in your project budget and striking your home or business. On this natural plaster can ride all year barefoot and always enjoy a warm floor in the winter without a heated floor. 

This product is called Natural Floor because we have looked for a higher hardness and strength. Its appearance resembles and combines perfectly with Tadelakt. But its content of Tadelakt is very low, since the Tadelakt is not optimal for soils with a lot of traffic. For this reason this product is not in the category of Tadelakt, but in the category of "other coatings". Our priority is the best quality and experience for our customers.

Its application is very fast and easy compared to other more common materials. 

The finish, as applied, can be matte or glossy satinato. The appearance of a continuous surface is finished with a warm and natural stone look. 

Their advantages over conventional flooring plaster are substantial as detailed below: 

-Quick and easy to apply 


-Environmental climate-Regulator 



-Anti Allergic 

-Anti bacteria 

-100% Natural 

-Very long life  

-Easy to clean


It is also perfect for soils with moisture problems stone floors, cleaning up old walls and damp areas where mold and bacteria proliferate. 

First apply a thin layer on a porous soil and dust clean previously moistened, after 10 to 30 minutes apply another thin layer and leaving the desired pattern and smoothing. At 30 minutes and you can climb down and follow carefully smoothing if you will. The day after, once has dried thoroughly, apply a special wax breathable high about 30minutes can be dried wax polishing it if you want and go.Its natural soil is ready for use. 

By adding pigments, any color can be achieved.

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Suelo natural 25kg.
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